937 Condominiums

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937 is located in Portland's thriving Pearl District and is designed to compliment rather than intrude on the surrounding landscape.

The 16-story, 250,000 SF half-block condominium tower is built over two levels of underground parking with 135 parking spaces. The 114 housing unit and 20,000 SF of ground-floor retail in the building are wrapped in an exterior skin of custom bricks resulting in a clean and elegant appearance. This LEED Platinum project includes an eco garden, externally vented kitchens and highly efficient floor plans. This project features 4,000 SF of vegetated roof & storm water planters, which filter storm water & help to reduce the urban "heat island effect." It provides close to 40% savings in water use through fixture specification. 94% of demolition and construction waste was recycled and diverted from landfills.


Portland, OR


937 Group


Ankrom Moisan

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