Our Core Values are not just words on a page or merely spoken, we live by them.

We are accountable to one another, our clients and partners to uphold these values. When you walk into an Andersen office or onto a project, you feel our culture. We are constant professionals who, at the root of it all, do what we say we are going to do.


Our goal is to earn each client’s designation as their “Builder of Choice.” At Andersen, success is measured by the degree to which we exceed our client’s expectations and the achievement of their project goals and objectives. We will earn this privilege by providing the utmost service, value, and quality throughout every client relationship.

Establish Long-Term Relationships

What we do today we live with tomorrow – do good things – live with good things. How we serve a client, join arms with a co-worker, partner with a designer, or team up with a subcontractor today determines how Andersen will be received in the future. Therefore, we always base the decisions we make upon how they will position us in the future.

The Client Is Number 1

Make no mistake—the success Andersen currently enjoys is due solely to the fact we satisfy clients! In our planning and doing, we always put the client’s concerns and benefits first. We tune all our actions towards producing satisfied clients and make it routine to go above and beyond the call of duty to create this result.

You Can Bank On Our Word

Anyone coming into contact with Andersen must know that we always deliver as promised. Each of us must be known for our integrity and our commitment to living up to our word – whatever it takes.

We Do Everything As A Team

Like the Musketeers of old, we are all for one, and one for all. We support and look out for each other. We know that together we operate at a higher level than we possibly could working alone.

We Do It Safely, Or We Don't Do It

None of Andersen’s goals or objectives is more important than ensuring the health and welfare of the workers on our job sites and in our offices. We make safety the first consideration in planning work activities. If we can’t do it safely – we don’t do it at all.

We Take Responsibility

No one at Andersen ever says, “That’s not my job!” Instead, we step up and takes responsibility for making things happen on behalf of our clients, and we take responsibility for our performance without making excuses or shifting blame.

Everyone is Treated as an Individual with Dignity & Respect

Regardless of whether we are working alongside Andersen co-workers, our clients, project team members, or members of our communities, we treat every individual as we would a VIP – with dignity and respect. When disagreements arise we seek first to understand and then to be understood, and we attack only the issues – never the people.

We Seek Continuous Improvement

Andersen is focused on performing better today than we did yesterday. We know that there is always room to improve ourselves and our processes. We seek out suggestions for improvement and implement changes that benefit our employees and clients.

We Always Produce Work That Makes Us Proud

It’s why we get up in the morning: to build structures we want to show our children and grandchildren. We expect nothing but quality from everyone we work with and, most of all, ourselves. Our standards for quality exceed our client’s expectations. And, if it isn’t right – we make it right regardless of expense or hardship.

Construction Services

Andersen started in 1950 providing design and build services. Since then, the market demand has shifted to the point where today, more than 95% of our work assignments involve us in providing CM/GC & GC/CM, Negotiated GMP, Integrated Project Delivery and Design-Build services. It is our mission to be a value-added member of our client's preconstruction and construction team. We have purposefully organized, staffed and equipped ourselves in order to provide collaborative and innovative services for a variety of construction projects.

Delivery Methods Innovation

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