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Your Success is Our Priority

We will engage as an integrated team to achieve positive results together.  

The value of our trade partner relationships cannot be overstated. We seek a local, diverse workforce for projects in all of our regions. “We Do Everything as a Team” and “We Treat Everyone with Individuality and Respect” are not idle quotes, they are Andersen Core Values that define our collaborative approach. Leveraging the power of teamwork, we improve as individuals, as companies, and as partners working toward a common goal.

To submit a prequalification request, email Andersen's prequal team with the following information:

  • Company Name (as it appears on the W-9 certificate)
  • Main office Address
  • FEIN Number
  • Prequal Contact Name
  • Prequal Contact email- (the request to prequal or renew will be sent to this email address)

Click the link below to email a prequalification request (

 Email Andersen's prequal team    

Click the link below to view current opportunities with Andersen:

   Current Projects Bidding   


Andersen Construction is now using the TradeTapp by Building Connected Subcontractor Risk Program for prequalification and financial statement reviews.

TradeTapp is a secure, third party application by Building Connected. Please enter and upload your information into the TradeTapp/Building Connected system for review. Questions will address basic business information including corporate structure, work experience and backlog, financial stability, health and safety records, and litigation history. To start your prequalification process please click the "Prequalification Registration" link above and submit a request for a new account, an email invitation will be sent after information is verified. For assistance in the TradeTapp/Building Connected system, or reset company login information, please contact their support team.

Please note that your financials are kept in the strictest confidence. Only Finance staff and Risk Managers will be able to access your financial information. Your financial data is used for risk assessment only.

For questions about Andersen Construction’s prequalification requirements and process, please contact:

Idaho Region – Lesley Turk 
Portland Region – Erin Storlie 
Mid Willamette Valley Region – Melialani Anderson 
Washington Region – Jeff Snyder 

Helpful information for TradeTapp/Building Connected can be found here, for access to existing accounts, permissions, etc.: Qualifications for vendors – BuildingConnected

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