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Nunhems Quality AssuranceCampus Expansion & Renovation

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Andersen has built and remodeled several Nunhems USA facilities in Oregon and Idaho. This project is a $3.8 million remodel and addition to a quality assurance lab in Parma. A design-build collaboration with CTA Architects, the Building M remodel resulted in a 28,000 SF state-of-the-art lab and office space. The project, on an active agricultural-industrial campus, accounts for future growth at the facility and incorporates better circulation in and around the existing building. 



Parma, ID


Nunhems USA Inc.


CTA Architects Engineers

Square Footage

77,000 SF

"Andersen and CTA have had the pleasure of working together on a number of successful projects. The Andersen team’s ability to accurately and efficiently perform preconstruction services on challenging projects lead to their ultimate success. It is incredibly valuable for building owners and their designers to have an active construction partner providing the level of constructability oversight, cost estimating, and coordination that Andersen consistently provides. It is our honor to recommend Andersen as the builder to successfully deliver your project."

Jason Butler

Associate CTA, Architects and Engineers