OHSU Knight Cancer Research Building

Integrated Project Delivery Success

Portland's First True IPD Project

This “best in class” LEED Platinum cancer research facility will be home to over 600 experimentalists, computationalists, research staff and support staff. Located in Portland’s South Waterfront, the 7-story, 338,000 SF tower will include wet labs (approx. 160,000 SF), computational biology, research core services, conference center, retail and a level of underground parking. 

Two people collaborating with sticky notes


The KCRB has resulted in a highly-collaborative, innovative, and efficient team. Our Core Team leaders intentionally discussed the merit of trust; but, more importantly, they modeled behaviors that communicated its value and set a precedent for the whole enterprise.


The Lean principles followed at the KCRB have resulted in a major turning point in the way design & construction operates together. The singular goal of the team provides the best possible building to the owner and reduces wasted in every step of the process.

Team gathered at OHSU Knight Cancer Research

A primary goal of the Knight Cancer Institute is to foster “team science,” in which interdisciplinary teams conduct targeted research in early detection and treatment.

600 researchers

338,000 SF

Team collaborating with sticky notes


The entire IPD team has been co-located since preconstruction and team collaboration has been practiced every day. This has produced a Lean culture, providing vision and leadership to create a culture of continuous improvement and innovation that uplifts everyone on the team.

Cross-section rendering of new OHSU Knight Cancer Research Building

The KCRB was built 100% in BIM


Go slow to go fast. Design and construction worked methodically and collaboratively during design, resulting in a faster construction process with lower risk.

100% BIM

OHSU Knight Cancer Research Building

"We have adopted the Integrated Project Delivery model and Andersen has been a driving factor in this new atmosphere that would be threatening to most construction companies. A deep trust and respect has developed not just on our close team, but spread throughout the Knight Institute Directors and OHSU executives we collaborate with. Andersen’s value is astronomical. The team has worked tirelessly to understand our needs through user workshops, lab tours, and conversations about the changing world of research. It is amazing that we are within 1% of budget well into construction and finding additional savings and efficiencies every day in the field in a very competitive building market. Every single Andersen employee that I’ve “lived with” over the last two years has been positive, efficient, engaged and a joy to work with. These attitudes and the behaviors mentioned above are contagious and have benefitted not just the project but the entire Knight Institute as we consider how we want to behave moving into our beautiful new building, currently right on schedule."

Tiffani L. Howard

Knight Cancer Institute, OHSU