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Subcontractor FAQ

Q. Where can I find bid documents?

A All documents for projects open for bid are posted on Andersen's ftp site. We suggest that you download and use the free and convenient ftp server program filezilla (client version) in order to access our site.  Once there you will be able to easily download project documents as needed.  You can download this program here -

Andersen Construction ftp information
Host Name:
Username: open
Password: bidding

Q. Can I order bid documents direct?

A. Yes, documents may be obtained from the reprographic company at your own cost. The Invitation to Bid and associated Andersen Front End Documents identify where to obtain bid documents.

Q. Where is the best place to learn about Andersen Opportunities to Bid?

A. Subcontractors should frequently check Andersen's ftp site for open bidding opportunities.  It may be necessary to press Refresh/Reload each time the ftp site is opened.

Q. When can I expect to get bid results?

A. Most projects will not have immediate bid results. We need time to properly evaluate each proposal to do a fair and complete analysis.  Additionally, bid results will not be given until we have approval from our client on all of the proposed contract values.

Q. Do I have to be Prequalified to bid on Andersen Projects?

A. The majority of our bid packages are available for subcontractors to bid without advance prequalification. Once awarded the project, you will be required to provide Andersen with appropriate material illustrating your financial, equipment, facility and personnel resources to ensure you meet the contractual requirements.

Q. What is the monthly billing cut-off date?

A. All subcontractor billings must be in no later than the 25th of each month for the month the work was completed.  Anything received in our office past this date will be included in the next month's billing to the owner.

Q. Where can I get electronic copies of the billing forms?

A. On our website, or inquiries can be directed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Q. What are Andersen's Safety Requirements?

A. Andersen Construction strives for safe workplaces.  Due to the ever-changing environment of construction, it is impossible to have a rule or requirement for every possible condition.  When an unsafe condition is encountered, it will be Andersen's expectation that it will be addressed as quickly as is feasible.  Andersen does require its subcontractors to comply with all applicable Federal and State OSHA regulations, any other applicable requirements such as NEC, JCAHO or NFPA and Andersen's own safety program.  An outline of Andersen's safety program is made available during bid time, contract distribution and during site employee orientation.

Q. Does Andersen have a Drug & Alcohol Testing Requirement?

A. Yes. Andersen Construction participates in both the Construction Industry Drug Free Workplace Program in Oregon and SW Washington, and the Washington Construction Industry Substance Abuse Program in the Greater Seattle area for its own employees and recognizes the program for all other participating contractors. All subcontractors working on Andersen worksites must have a Drug and Alcohol Testing Program equivalent to the applicable program. All employees coming to work on an Andersen worksite must be part of an Andersen recognized program and possess proof of a current valid drug and alcohol test within the most previous six months.

Q. What are Andersen's Insurance Requirements?

A. Our standard insurance requirements are listed in the terms and conditions portion of the contracts which are sent out with the front-end documents. Please refer to our insurance certification and generic front-end documents examples.

Q. Will I have to provide a Payment and Performance Bond?

A. Payment and Performance Bonds are required on a "by job" basis and sometimes on a "by contract" basis, if the contract is considerable in size. If bonds are a requirement it will be indicated at bid time.

Q. What is the expected turnaround time for the Contract Documents and other required paperwork?

A. We request that all contracts are signed and returned with ALL required documentation within a maximum of two weeks after receipt.

Q. What can I do to prepare a good proposal?

  1. Please spell Andersen correctly - "en"
  2. Detail is GOOD! The more, the better.  List quantities and unit pricing whenever possible.
  3. If you are deviating from what is shown on the plans and specifications at all, detail the specifics on your proposal.
  4. Always list any cost-savings ideas that you come up with during your review of the documents.
  5. Always inform us immediately upon discovery of conflicts in the documents, constructability issues, or quality concerns, so that we can resolve them before the project bids.
  6. Always bid according to the scope clarification narratives provided.




To view current jobs open for bid, click the button below. You will be taken to Andersen's Egnyte site.

View jobs open for bid

Our prequalification process has changed. Please make sure to read the following instructions.

 If you are a returning subcontractor/supplier and have not completed a prequalification within the last year; or are a new subcontractor/supplier who has not done business with us in the past, please email our Prequalification Department at  In your email, please include your Federal Tax ID Number or EIN along with the email address of the person who will be completing your prequalification application.

You will receive an email with instructions and a link to our prequalification module.  You will also receive a request for renewal notification sent to this same email address annually in order to update your application with your most current information.

IMPORTANT: In order to ensure you can view and complete the forms correctly, make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. To download the latest version, visit: