Latest News / Andersen Construction Wins Kaiser Westside Medical Center

March 16, 2009

Andersen is serving as the General Contractor for all work on this LEED Gold, near-greenfield hospital project. The new Hillsboro campus is highlighted by a 289,762 SF, 128 Bed 2nd Generation Kaiser Template Hospital, which includes a Diagnostics and Treatment building and a 4 story Kaiser Template Nursing Towers. The 4-story, combined Hospital and Nursing Tower structure is steel-framed and links to an adjacent 110,000 SF Hospital Support Building. The 5-story structural steel framed HSB invites patients to a grand entry rotunda and patient drop off area, also adjacent to a new 8-story parking structure.

The $185 million project is led by Project Manager Travis Baker. Andersen will construct a new 350,000 sq. ft. hospital  housing 174 beds and include diagnostic and treatment buildings and two nursing towers. In addition to the hospital, Andersen will also build a 30,000 sq. ft. central utility plant building. Demolition of existing buildings and surface parking lot improvements will begin mid April and mass excavation will commence this summer. “I think this project solidifies Andersen’s spot at the table for any major healthcare project in the NW going forward. There’s no such thing as ‘that’s just a little out of Andersen’s league’ anymore.” said Baker.

Securing this project was spectacular news for many Andersen Construction employees who put for a tireless effort during the proposal process. “After the initial wave of excitement in January, its been a lot of hard work to reach the recent Board Approval milestone. Our team is fully integrated with Kaiser and the Design Team, attending many meetings and workshops each week as we head into the design development phase.” said Baker. The new hospital and CUP will be added to Kaiser’s 15 acre campus that currently houses the Sunset Medical Office Building. The design of the hospital is similar to Kaiser’s other hospitals located in California. It is expected the job will be complete January 2012.